trying to hold on.
I thought I'd succumbed to peer pressure, so I created a tumblr. I don't know which direction I'm heading with this site, but let's see shall we? This tumblr is anonymous on my part because I wanted to be honest, and just be completely out in the open. tried to hold on.
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Untitled by xiu xiu on Flickr.

Blue Mountains by Hedi-Alana - back & catching up on Flickr.

(by msmsh.)

I know it’s been a long time but I think i’m ready to update my favourites!!!!
Everyone that follows me or knows me on tumblr knows that I can’t really decide on a blog style as I think i’ve been one of every single sort, but that doesn’t change that I love blogs and I love your blogs!
MBF me Rebecca (hi) Cauliflorus
Must reblog this post (as many times as you wish)
Do NOT like this post (thx)
Must have a good theme (otherwise u stand no chance soz)
You will get love and promos when you wish (promos to 6.7k just sayin’) , I will give you endless html help and even make you themes or cursors basically i’ll be your slave so you want to reblog this
I’ll choose 15-20 blogs and I’ll write each one of my new favourites a paragraph explaining to all of my followers how fab u r

Chiudi gli occhi e sorridi, che se il mondo esplode noi mica ci pensiamo. by AndreaMarchetti ∆ on Flickr.

Anonymous asked: The best thing about moms is that they love you regardless of what you do or where they are. I'm sure she looks down on you everyday and is so proud of her daughters :) Happy Birthday to her and all my love to you

I really hope that’s true; I find it hard to believe so. Nevertheless, thank you for your kind words. :)


by Sophie Van der Perre

MAXI MARKET #1 by (**mog**)

Happy birthday mummy. I miss you.


. by neon.tambourine on Flickr.

sleeping whales by Jellibat on Flickr.

Reykjavik (by 曜变天目)
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